Weaving Together Comfort and Confidence

Our Product Range

School Uniforms

Our school uniforms are designed to meet your unique dress code requirements with a blend of style and quality. We offer a wide range of comfortable and durable uniform options including Shirts, Pants, Shorts, Kurta Pyjama for Girls, Tunic, Sweater, blazer, Waistcoat, Tracksuit for summer sports and warm hoodies sets for winter, socks, ties and belts.

Spots wear

Our sportswear line is engineered for intense workouts and keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable. Our athletic apparel features moisture-wicking T-shirts, both polo and round neck, breathable shorts, and other sports wear, allowing you to move freely and perform at your best.

Corporate uniforms

Our corporate collection features functional company uniforms including College uniform, Hotel staff uniform, Hospital staff uniforms, Lab coat, Restaurant staff uniform, Security uniforms, Worker uniform, blazer and sweater that exude confidence and authority, ensuring you make a lasting impression.